Heide Taylor Community Service Medal

Heide Taylor Community Service Medal and Prize

Nomination Form

This award recognises the work of Dr. HEIDE TAYLOR OAM, involved in Women’s Affairs for over forty years and countless activities related to the Status of Women; adviser to both Federal and State governments. 

  • The nominee does not have to belong to a service club
  • The nominee has been nominated for their volunteer efforts in an unpaid capacity
  • Give description of current, past and any other service to their community
  • Duration of service
  • Beneficiaries of the service
  • Impacts of the service
  • Referees if appropriate

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Please provide FULL and ACCURATE Club Information

Name of Submitting Club:          


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President’s Name:

Name of Contact Person:

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Name and Contact Details of Nominee:


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Details of Nominee’s Community Service:  

Please attach a brief summary (no more than 750 words) giving specific details of the nominee’s service to the community.

All nominations must be received no later than Close of Business on 31st August 2021

Completed nomination forms should be emailed to

Peter Zander SCASA at applications@scasa.org.au

or by post to SCASA Nomination C\- PO Box 123, Park Holme SA 5043