Project Awards Information

The Project Awards close on 31st August 2023

Contents Include:

  1. Guidelines for Project Awards
  2. The 2023 Premier’s Community Service Awards, Project Awards Nomination Form
  3. Allan Sloan Young Citizen Community Service Prize Nomination Form
  4. Heide Taylor Community Service Medal and Prize Nomination Form
  5. Harry Tillyer Schools Community Service Award Nomination Form
  6. Environmental award with the Community

Please note:

Nominations for all awards should be submitted using the application form updated for the award category attached to this letter. The description of the project should be no more than 500 words, and all nominators are encouraged to add NO MORE than two photographs.

The judging panel for the awards consists of three independent non-Service Club members. Entries may be re-categorised by the judging panel where considered appropriate. Awards may be shared between entries at the judging panel’s discretion. 

Entries for Project Awards must involve one or more Service Clubs. Joint projects are eligible. Projects may be completed or in progress, but must be beyond the planning or pilot study phase. 

Winning projects by Clubs in previous years must not to be resubmitted in 2023

Clubs can nominate a previously nominated project, but only if it is substantially different from prior submissions.

Projects should be innovative, be more than just financial support and involve members in ways other than direct fundraising.

Completed nomination forms should be emailed to or by post to SCASA Nomination C/- PO Box 123, Park Holme SA 5043

All nominations must be received no later than the Close of Business on the 31st of August 2022.


To assist clubs to complete their entries for the 2023 Premier’s Community Service Awards, the following guidelines may be helpful, and also assist the judging panel with their difficult task.

The name of the project and a brief description is already included on the nomination form. In addition, please attach further details of the project. Please limit this project description to NO MORE than 500 words and include only one or two photographs. 

Ensure all nominations are received by the closing date. 31st of August 2022

Consider the following information that may be relevant to your nomination:

  • How was the need for the project identified?
  • When did the project commence?
  • Is the project ongoing?
  • Where is the location of the project?
  • Who benefited from the project – community/ club members/ other?
  • How were the club members involved?
  • Were the recipients involved in the project?
  • What were the outcomes of the project – immediate/long-term?
  • Are there any sustainable benefits?
  • What were the financial implications – costs/funds raised?
  • Is the project innovative?
  • Has the project been nominated previously? – how has it been modified?
  • Is there other useful information to support the nomination?

Heide Taylor or Allan Sloan Awards:  750 words

  • The nominee does not have to belong to a service club
  • The nominee has been nominated for their volunteer efforts in an unpaid capacity
  • Give description of current, past and any other service to their community
  • Duration of service
  • Beneficiaries of the service
  • Impacts of the service
  • Referees if appropriate

Schools Community Service Award:    500 words

  • Service clubs are strongly urged to circulate the Schools Award document to all schools in their area, with follow up recommended to encourage entries
  • Any South Australian school may nominate for this Award
  • Nominations do not have to be made by a service club
  • Project does not need to involve a service club

Each year the Government of South Australia encourages and recognises the work being done by Service Clubs by presenting various Awards. All Service Clubs are encouraged to nominate for these awards.

The major prize is the Premier’s Distinction Award for an outstanding project in any Project Award category. Entries for this award must involve one or more Service Clubs and is selected by the committee from all awards submitted.

Project Awards will be given in seven categories. In each category, the winning project will:

  • Have significant community impact
  • Must involve more than just financial support
  • Have long-term benefit  or
  • Have provided assistance to disadvantaged members of the community.
  • Projects need not be restricted to local communities but must provide benefit to South Australian communities and be administered by S.A. clubs or clubs.
  • Non S.A. based projects may be considered for an honourable mention, but no cash award will be made.
  • Runner up Awards will be given at the Judges’ discretion.


The winning project in each category will receive a certificate and a prize.

Runners-up will receive a certificate and a prize.

At the discretion of the SCASA Committee a certificate and award may also be made to a meritorious entry from clubs with fewer than 15 members.

The Project Award categories are:

  1. TEAM AWARD, for a club initiated and co-operative project between two or more Service Clubs from the same Community Service Organisation or two or more Service Clubs from multiple Community Service Organisations that have worked together for the benefit of the wider community.
  2. HEALTH AWARD, for a health project for men/ women / youth / children of any age.
  3. YOUTH AWARD, for a project to assist youth or children.
  4. SOCIAL INCLUSION AWARD, for a project that works to integrate or involve minority or disadvantaged groups into the wider community.
  5. EVENT AWARD, for a publicity event or an event that raises funds to assist a specific need in the community. 
  6. Environmental award with the Community, This award recognises Environmental work with the community, which has established a fauna and flora protection and/or rehabilitation activities initiated with the community.
  7. COMMUNITY ACTIVITY AWARD, to recognise a project / activity which a club undertakes to assist a community. The community assisted maybe made up of people, animal or plant life.

This award replaces the previous Civic Improvement and Environment Awards but entries of a Civic Improvement or Environment benefit would be welcome in this category.

The Heide Taylor Community Service Medal and monetary Prize will be awarded to an individual who has rendered outstanding voluntary service to the South Australian community. Nominees are not required to be a Service Club member.

The Allan Sloan Young Citizen Community Service will be awarded to a South Australian resident aged 15-25 years. The winner will be an active and enthusiastic volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, achievement or service to a community project.

The Harry Tillyer Schools Community Service Award  is awarded to a School that has run a successful Community Service event or program. It may or may not be in association with a Service Club.  At its discretion the judging panel may from time to time give a runner-up award.